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You Can Group

You Can Group provides game changing coaching, training and mentoring, helping individuals and organisations level up in their performance.

Our science-backed curriculum delivers coaching sessions which, teaches habits and concepts that will advance your personal and professional life.

Gain focus, clarity and direction, claim back your time and find balance through your performance.

We will help you take back control in your relationships, business, career and life while enhancing your ability to become a better role model and influencer for those around you.

Learn to manage stress that around 79% of business leaders and executives are currently struggling with which leads to burn out, fatigue and relationship breakdown.

Learn to thrive at that next level and activate your full potential, hit a higher gear and become a top performer at everything you do.

Coaching is becoming the new standard for leadership, growth, and positive change.  This means that there are millions of people who, just ten years ago, would never have dreamed of hiring a coach but, now the positive benefits and proven results of coaching are widely understood and recognised.

What We Do


Executive & Leadership Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching, Leadership and Team Development.  Improve overall performance through developing your people capabilities. Developing people to deliver to their maximum potential makes a significant difference in achieving competitive advantage. People have untapped potential. People improve business performance.  Build high performing teams and enable individuals to reach their full potential. People deliver the numbers and behaviours drive the numbers.  Organisations who want to stay ahead recognise they need to develop their most valuable asset, their people.   Build high performing teams and enable individuals to reach their full potential.


Professionals, Executives & Athletes

Monthly LIVE Training

Join us for 2 hrs of life-transforming coaching and performance training every month in our group format.  You’ll get new frameworks, strategies and habits to help you stay focused, create more joy, confidence and momentum in every area of your business and life. Each month we will teach new concepts exclusively here.

1-2-1 Performance Coaching

Embrace change positively, build confidence and change perspective by focusing on key pillars of your performance to enable you to create more joy in your journey.  Get clearer on your direction, feel more energetic and be more productive and successful as you get from where you are to where you want to be.

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